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Ed Poxon


Last summer, Ed teaching Lottie, our granddaughter.

I cannot go on with this blog without referring to Ed Poxon, who died suddenly on Friday 21st of June.

Ed was a kind and generous man who provided tailored environments for students to develop.   Indeed, he was such a pivotal person in the development of many people.  So many have said “without Ed, I wouldn’t….” have become a teacher, or finished my course, or started on a degree, or realised that I had the potential, or have the confidence; the list goes on.  Without Ed, I would not have started the degree course or come to the realisation that I can model and sculpt figures.

I enjoyed my wide-ranging chats with Ed, from his father’s time in RAF to the science behind making single crystal turbine blades, not to mention his humorous quips and discussions on UK politics.  He had huge amounts of knowledge that he would enthusiastically pass on. He would go the extra mile for the struggling student, and rescued many of them in ways that felt more like “just a bit of assistance”.

Ed also had a large network of people to call upon for “favours”.  I don’t know what other word to use.  Moreover, I do not know how he got so many people to say “yes” to his requests for demonstrations, student placements, money for projects, etc but people kept saying “yes”.

At 52, and with a small child needing a dad, he has departed the world far too early.  He will be missed by all that knew him and there is a large hole left by his absence.