Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Roman has gone – but may come back.

The roman soldier had not faired well in recent months; it dried out and cracked; mostly around the legs and forearms.

However, the head and shoulders were in a better shape so the decision was made to make a mould  and then cast in a fancy concrete.  Here’s the mould part way through;

And while I was trying to take the two mould pieces off model, Kate took some videos – and quite rightly laughed at the spectacle [with tutor Ed in the background muttering].

Once the mould had come off, the roman looked more like a character for an old Dr Who episode…


Raku firing

Had an excellent day raku firing in the gardens behind York Art Gallery as part of the 2018 Day of Clay .  I was busy so didn’t take many pictures but here are the four octopuses each with a different choice of pattern chosen by the girls holding them, by a friend, and one by me, plus my cow and a few pots which didn’t get picked up.

The cow was a one off, solid thing, which may not have survived the first firing but it worked fairly well [except the white glaze was too watery].  Maybe I’ll make a larger one [and this time have reference pictures and not rely solely on memory]. And if that works then maybe make a mould for the next public raku firing.