Monthly Archives: October 2016

Wire work

Yesterday’s was to follow instruction and make a bird form in wire and then, working from natural objects [typically shells] or our drawings from a few weeks before, create a wire sculpture.


I followed the first idea but with some changes and then went for simple


I then did a quick shell but soon moved on


I liked the simplicity of line and the milliner’s wire with its tread wrapping means that the surface is dull so I went ‘off piste’ for other forms ….

thumb_IMG_6773_1024 thumb_IMG_6776_1024thumb_IMG_6778_1024thumb_IMG_6782_1024

And then went for some wire bending, followed by squeezing, and twist and then a different squeeze to something that made me think it could form a piece of jewellery,

thumb_IMG_6790_1024thumb_IMG_6792_1024thumb_IMG_6793_1024thumb_IMG_6794_1024  thumb_IMG_6796_1024thumb_IMG_6797_1024

The way the wire is folded means than increasing the twist is easy but trying to straighten it out is not possible.

Other stuff is happening and will arrive on this site when finished.